Every day is a great day to support businesses owned by women! Women’s History Month invites us to reflect on the incredible contributions of women, and we want to ensure that the celebration includes steps to support woman-owned businesses.

We’re excited to highlight local Seattle Woman-owned businesses that tend to not feature as prominently in the usual lists and media roundups, but that nonetheless make our communities better in so many ways.

***Don’t live in Seattle? Fear not! You can access ALL of the Woman-owned businesses via our Women’s History Month page and stay tuned for additional In-TEN-tionalist Guides beyond the PNW.

Ready to #BeIntentional this Women’s History Month? Here’s what’s on our In-TEN-tional list:Ready. Set. Spend Like It Matters. Get rewarded for visiting and checking-in to Woman-owned businesses throughout February. Really.

Seattle’s Best Tea Lydia Lin’s tea shop has stood the test of time. Her expansive knowledge and focus on quality mean that even a boba to-go is made with freshly brewed organic tea.

Two Big Blondes Everyone should have access to beautiful, affordable clothes, and thanks to Lisa Michaud’s plus size consignment boutique, they do.

Salvadorean Bakery Founded in 1996, this bakery and restaurant owned by sisters Ana Castro and Aminta has been serving up delicious pupusas, pastries, and more to happy customers ever since.

Wayward Vegan Cafe Nothing says community like friends coming together to ensure that a neighborhood vegan eatery continues to thrive.

Century Ballroom and The Tin Table Because Capitol Hill wouldn’t be Capitol Hill without Hallie Kuperman’s dancing and dining institutions.

Canton Noodle House When it comes to fresh, handmade wontons, the Ng family restaurant is where it’s at. Originally located in the International District, we’re thankful that Canton Noodle House has continued to thrive in Hillman City.

Despi Delite Bakery The Despi family has been serving up delicious Filipino pastries and breads since 1988.

Amy’s Merkato First established in 1992, current owners, Judy and Filli took over in 2000 when Amy went back to Ethiopia. Go for the Ethiopian food at this beloved neighborhood restaurant and then pick up some spices and gluten-free injera from the market to bring home!

El Diablo Coffee Co. Located a few doors down from its original location, Jill Killen’s coffee shop has been a beloved Queen Anne community hub for more than fifteen years.

What are the Woman-owned small businesses that make your communities the places you love to live, work, and play? Let us know who makes your Women’s History Month In-TEN-tionalist Guide in the comments below or send us an email!  Let us know how you plan to support woman-owned businesses in your neighborhood. 

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