It’s a big day for LGBTQ equality, and I thought it seemed like a good occasion to share my Small Business. Big Pride. InTENtional List of LGBTQ-owned small businesses in Seattle which includes a variety of LGBTQ-owned small businesses that inspire me every day. I hope that you will join me in celebrating and amplifying the LGBTQ-owned small businesses you love by creating and sharing your InTENtional List. 

At the end of the month, Intentionalist will publish a Small Business. Big Pride. InTENtional List based on the top ten businesses that are shared on individual lists.

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Laura’s InTENtional List

Terra Plata – Linda Di Lello Morton and Tamara Murphy believed in Intentionalist from the very beginning, and I continue to learn from their leadership and advocacy regarding the unique contribution independent restaurants make to our communities. These two make Seattle better. And this is the restaurant where my wife and I take out of town guests.

Cortona Cafe – Ice Dean is as real as they come. And I count myself incredibly lucky to have gotten to know her over cappuccinos and waffles. Her neighborhood coffeeshop and cafe is a place to enjoy a cup of coffee, and make a new connection.

LGBTQ-owned small businesses in Seattle

Frelard Tamales – Osbaldo Hernandez and Dennis Ramey run their business from the heart, and it shows up in ways that make you wish that you could personally eat a hundred of their handmade tamales. Through their community-minded partnerships and philanthropic generosity, Frelard Tamales is so much more than the food that they sell.

Cone & Steiner – I’ve met so many wonderful people through Dani Cone. And it’s because her store reflects the incredible people behind the products on the shelves. Dani brings people together, and I’m thankful for the opportunities we’ve had to collaborate, including last year’s Pride pop-up partnership with her other business, Fuel Coffee and Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery.

Tilth – Maria Hines’ passion for the planet is inspiring, and her restaurant exemplifies that passion in a way that allows people to learn about and experience the *why* behind organic, farm-to-table cooking. This is another restaurant where my wife and I take out of town guests.

Super Six – Roz Edison and Kamala Saxton channel Everyday Aloha into all that they do – from the food they serve, to the teams they lead, to the community they support. And their brunch is worth the drive from Ballard to Columbia City.

SugarPill – Karyn Schwartz does what she does because she loves her community. And her community loves her right back. I’m proud and thankful that includes me.

Cupcake Royale – I love that Cupcake Royale stands for justice through cupcakes. Long before it was commonplace, Jody Hall’s cupcake shop integrated support for social justice into its philanthropy and communications. Enjoy a delicious cupcake and feed your inner (or outer) activist.

BAHTOH – A gaysian-owned hair salon and florist located in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District – what’s not to LOVE? And then you meet Bobbie Yanoupeth and Michael Sing, and you realize that you are indeed in love!

Wildrose – As a Seattle lesbian who grew up here in the Emerald City, I owe a debt of gratitude to Wildrose. Please consider donating to the Wildrose crowdfunding campaign – the world needs lesbian-owned bars! I haven’t yet met Shelley Brothers and Martha Manning, but would love to 😉

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