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The modern LGBTQ rights movement owes a debt of gratitude to the leadership of Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC); notably Stormé DeLarverie, Sylvia Rivera, and Marsha P. Johnson. 

During Pride Month (and all year long!) we encourage you to #SpendLikeItMatters and support QTPOC-owned businesses in your community.

Get to know these Seattle QTPOC-owned small businesses where you can #SpendWithPride all year long! Beyond these fifteen, be sure to explore all 100+ QTPOC-owned small businesses on Intentionalist?

Aluel Cellars

#LGBTQOwned #AsianOwned #FamilyOwned 

Samuel Hilbert and Alex Oh worked in the wine industry for years before channeling their passion into the production of their own wine, handcrafted in the old-world style with Washington grapes. Stop by their tasting room to sample their selection.


#LGBTQOwned #AsianOwned 

Bobbie Yanoupeth and Michael Sing collaborate to produce the magic that is BAHTOH. Bobbie’s hair design and color talents come together with Michael’s floral and design skills to create the wedding and lifestyle designs that dreams are made of.

Biang Biang Noodles

#LGBTQOwned #AsianOwned #FamilyOwned #WomanOwned

Ever eaten a biang biang noodle? The long, thick, hand-pulled noodles are delightfully chewy and a great canvas for chili and garlic. At Biang Biang Noodles in Capitol Hill, owners Alison Deng, Sia Zhang, and Yuming Xu are infusing these traditional noodles with lots of different flavors, proteins, and veggies. Order the mapo tofu, mala beef, or cumin lamb noodles and a savory fried chicken bao or some of their insanely crispy chicken wings!

Fun fact: The Chinese character for ‘biang’ is the most complicated Chinese character — over 50 strokes!

Footprint Wine Tap

#LGBTQOwned #BlackOwned

When you’re getting a little existential about climate change on your third glass of wine, it’s comforting to know that at least you’re drinking sustainably. Owned by Kenneth Dillon, Footprint Wine Tap is Seattle’s first and only sustainable keg wine on-tap bar. Sourcing fine wines from the Pacific Northwest, they specialize in biodynamic and organic wines. From wine production and transport to the furnishings in their space, Footprint Wine Tap aims to reduce their carbon footprint on all fronts.

Bonus: Order a bite to eat with your glass! They serve delicious pâté and crostini dishes.

Frelard Tamales

#LGBTQOwned #LatinxOwned #FamilyOwned 

At their walk-up window, Frelard Tamales serve up tamales that are handmade from scratch, using a family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Hernandez family. Owners Osbaldo Hernandez and Dennis Ramey are passionate about supporting immigrant and LGBTQ rights – #MakeTamalesNotWalls.

Indigo Movement

#LGBTQOwned #BlackOwned #WomanOwned 

Indigo Movement’s founder and owner, Tiana Duncan, realized her enthusiasm and passion for movement as a competitive swimmer. Constantly in water, Duncan learned how interconnected the mind, body, and spirit are and later found that she wanted to share her knowledge and experience with others. In 2017, Indigo Movement was born! Today, Duncan employs a team of highly trained and certified staff members who offer massage, circuit training, kickboxing, Nia, Zumba, and yoga to their clients. Duncan is an active member of the Seattle community championing issues such as diversity, social justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and environmental preservation.

Fun fact: Tiana Duncan is also  founder of The Duncan Connection, a non-profit providing holistic resources, fitness classes, and swim lessons to underserved communities in the South Seattle area.

Lilith Tattoo

#LGBTQOwned #AsianOwned 

Jude le Tronik (Jude Vesvarut) has worked as a tattooist, concept artist, muralist, and illustrator all over the world. At Lilith Tattoo, Jude offers a tattoo experience that is safe and empowering, and invites clients to participate in a personal and collaborative design process.

The Melo Cafe

#LGBTQOwned #BlackOwned #WomanOwned

In early 2021, Melo Juice founders Hanan Hassan Diriye and Ambrosia Austin opened The Melo Cafe in the former Cortona Cafe space. Now the sole-owner, Ambrosia serves her signature bottled juices, coffee, pastries, and delicious pressed sandwiches. One of the main focuses of Melo is providing fresh, revitalizing juice to the local community, and Ambrosia does so with her eight different handcrafted juices.

Mose Auto

#LGBTQOwned #WomanOwned #LatinxOwned 

Owned by Mariajosé “Mose” Barrera, Mose Auto not only offers a three month or 12,000 mile guarantee on all auto repair, but also specializes in providing training and information sessions to women in the community for maintaining their vehicle and entering automotive careers. Mose Auto works on scheduled maintenance, motorcycles, diesel engines, detailing, radio installation, vehicle diagnosis, and more. 

Sal Floral Design

#LGBTQOwned #LatinoOwned

Sal Floral Design will help you realize your floral dreams from bud to bloom. Owner Sal Amezquita founded Sal Floral Design in 2009 after establishing himself as an esteemed designer through hard work and dedication. Sal has done it all — from designing opulent weddings in Mexico to having his work featured at the Oscars, Grammy’s, and celebrity weddings in Los Angeles. Sal Floral Design specializes in creating breathtaking floral arrangements for weddings, but don’t hesitate to call them for birthdays, graduation parties, holidays, and any other occasion. Sal blends his passion for art, fashion, and color into his floral arrangements to help your next event blossom.

Shikorina Pastries

#LGBTQOwned #BlackOwned #WomanOwned

Hana Yohannes has always loved pastry making and wanted to use her passion as a way to uplift and support her community. In 2020, Hana opened her bakery Shikorina Pastries to bring people together and spread a little happiness through cookies, cakes, tarts, and more! All of the ingredients are ethically sourced, and are fair-trade, organic, and/or local. For Hana, it’s a priority that her business does good by the community and she’s put a lot of effort into making the business a community-oriented and inclusive space.

Fun Fact: Hana is a Pastry Project alumna.

Super Six

#LGBTQOwned #AsianOwned #WomanOwned

In a former auto body shop in the heart of Columbia City, Super Six is serving a mix of classic Hawaiian plates and Pacific Northwest staples with the hospitality, generosity, and aloha spirit you’d find on the islands. In 2015, Kamala Saxton and Roz Edison opened Super Six as the sixth addition to their Marination brand, further sharing their love for Hawaiian food and culture with Seattle. For a taste of the islands, Super Six serves loco moco, spam musubi (which you can also get with pork belly), malasadas, and more.

Taqueria Cantina

#LGBTQOwned #LatinxOwned 

It was Daniel Ceballos’ childhood dream to open a restaurant, and after many years of hard work, he achieved it with the help of his business partners Brian Brandell and Sal Munoz. At Taqueria Cantina, the trio serve authentic Mexican fare and many different styles of margaritas!

The Station 

#LGBTQOwned #BlackOwned #FamilyOwned #WomanOwned

The Station is both a coffee shop and vital community hub. Owners Luis Rodriguez and Leona Moore-Rodriguez have created a space that is safe and welcoming for all, and that celebrates the diverse voices and faces of the community.

Tres Lecheria

#LGBTQOwned #LatinxOwned 

Kevin Moulder found his passion for baking as a child while in the kitchen with his grandmother, Maw-Maw. At Cubes Baking Co., he pays tribute to Maw-Maw and his Mexican-American heritage by putting modern twists on many of her family’s recipes from Coahuila, Mexico. On the must-try list? One of the many Tres Leches cake varieties.

Fun Fact: Kevin was the winner of the Food Network competition “Winner Cake All” and has been known to create RuPaul’s Drag Race-inspired cakes.

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