Ever wonder why Latinx (Hispanic) Heritage Month starts in the middle of the month? Turns out September 15th is the anniversary of independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Plus, the Mexican Independence Day is September 16th and Independence Day in Chile is September 18th.

To help you celebrate, we’re sharing 10 of our favorite Latino-owned small businesses around Puget Sound – 5 you know and 5 you should get to know. Did we miss your fave? Tell us about it here.

5 Latino-owned businesses you know

The Station, owned by Luis Rodriguez and Leona Moore-Rodriguez.

Manu’s Bodega, owned by Manu Alfau.

La Carta De Oaxaca, owned by the Dominguez family.

Salvadorean Bakery and Restaurant, owned by Ana Castro and Aminta Elgin.

Frelard Tamales, owned by Osbaldo Hernandez and Dennis Ramey.

5 Latino-owned businesses you should get to know

Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery, owned by Jake Prendez and Judy Avitia-Gonzalez.

Cubes Baking Co., owned by Kevin Moulder.

Taqueria Cantina, owned by Daniel Ceballos, Brian Brandell, and Sal Munoz.

Mendoza’s Mexican Mercado, owned by Sonia and Carlos Mendoza.

Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen, owned by Felix Valderrama, Kameron Valderrama, Mireya Cartaya, and Bartolomeo Tirelli.

10 Latino-owned businesses barely enough to whet your appetite? Check out the Intentionalist Latinx Heritage Month page for quick access to all of the Latino-owned businesses on our site along with information on featured businesses and community events.

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  1. We tried Taqueria Cantina last night based on this list and it was AMAZING. The Mega Guacamole was incredible, Mexican Street Corn so tasty and the Torta was delicious! Thanks for this list. Can’t wait to eat or drink my way through as many as possible.

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