Throughout Greater Seattle, independent restaurants need our support as they navigate the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19 on their businesses. This is a consolidated list for customers looking for information on which restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, breweries, and bars are offering take-out, delivery or special services during this time.

At Intentionalist we care about helping you help independent restaurants all over the country so we are adding more cities and more businesses outside of the Greater Seattle area to this list. Keep scrolling on the blog to check out the list of Portland and Los Angeles businesses offering take out or delivery during this time.

We will continue to update the list (grouped by city/neighborhood), and welcome your additions via this form.

Bainbridge Island

Good Egg – Temporarily Closed

Restaurant Marché – Takeout


Addo – Takeout (Curbside), Delivery

Alison’s Coastal Cafe and Bakery – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Beast & Cleaver – Takeout

Brimmer & Heeltap – Takeout on 3/18 only (4 PM until it’s gone)

Cafe Besalu – Takeout

Cupcake Royale – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Delancey – Takeout & Delivery

Giddy Up Burgers – Takeout

Hood Famous Bakeshop – Temporarily Closed

India Bistro – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Java Jahn – Takeout

King’s Hardware – Temporarily Closed

Lucky Envelope Brewing – Temporarily Closed

Mighty-O Donuts – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Miri’s at Golden Gardens – Takeout

Miro Tea – Takeout (Curbside)

Moshi Moshi Sushi – Temporarily Closed

Other Coast Cafe – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

The Pantry – Takeout (Curbside)

Percy’s & Co. – Temporarily Closed

Pestle Rock – Takeout

Pink Bee Curry & Sandwiches – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Sazón Kitchen – Takeout

Sweet Alchemy – Temporarily Closed

Watson’s Counter – Takeout

Beacon Hill

Bar del Corso – Takeout (limited menu, 1-3 PM)

Buddha Bruddah – Takeout & Delivery

Cafe Red – Takeout & Delivery

Cafetal Quilombo Cafe – Takeout

El Quetzal – Takeout

Musang – Temporarily Closed (Musang has transitioned to a community kitchen to serve meals for those in need)

The Station – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Tippe and Drague Alehouse – Takeout


Bellden Cafe – Takeout

Bellevue Brewing Company – Takeout

Bis on Main – Takeout (curbside)

Third Culture Coffee – Takeout


Bang Bang Cafe – Takeout

Cafe Suisse – Temporarily Closed

Fulcrum Cafe – Temporarily Closed

Jerk Shack – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Marrakesh – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)


Burien Press – Takeout

King Wah – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Pho Vina Restaurant – Takeout & Delivery

Capitol Hill

Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe – Temporarily Closed

Bateau – Takeout (limited menu)

D’La Santa – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Fuel Coffee – Takeout

Harry’s Fine Foods – Closed 3/19. 3/20 – Takeout & Delivery (depending on where you live)

Hopvine Pub – Takeout, Takeout (Curbside) – can refill growlers to go.

Juicebox Café – Takeout (Curbside)

Knee High Stocking Co. – Takeout (Curbside)

Linda’s Tavern – Temporarily Closed

Mamnoon – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Marination Station – Takeout

Marjorie – Takeout

Montana – Temporarily Closed

Monsoon Seattle – Takeout (Curbside – 30% to-go orders when you call-in your order directly)

Neko Cat Cafe – Temporarily Closed

Nue – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Nuflours Bakery – Takeout

Oddfellows Cafe & Bar – Temporarily Closed

Olmstead – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Pel Meni Dumpling Tzar – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Plenty of Clouds – Takeout (Curbside)

Plum Bistro – Takeout (Curbside)

Pony – Temporarily Closed

R & M Dessert Bar – Takeout (4 PM-11 PM every day)

Quinn’s Pub – Takeout (50% discount on all food 😮)

Rachel’s Ginger Beer – Takeout – Noon-7 PM

Ristorante Machiavelli – Takeout

Rocket Taco – Takeout (Curbside)

Sémillion Bakery & Café – Takeout

Spice Waala – Takeout & Delivery

The Tin Table – Temporarily Closed

Terra Plata – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery

Two Doors Down – Takeout

Witness – Takeout

Yalla – Takeout

Central District

Central Cafe and Juice Bar – Takeout

Feed Co Burgers – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery (via 3rd party)

Joyce’s Market and Cafe – Takeout

LL Teriyaki and Pho – Takeout (Curbside)

Raised Doughnuts – Takeout

Seattle Fish Guys – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Squirrel Chops – Takeout

Tougo Coffee – Takeout (8 AM-1 PM)

Chinatown-International District

Eastern Cafe – Takeout

Fuji Bakery – Takeout (Curbside)

goPoké – Temporarily Closed

HardWok Cafe – Takeout

Hong Kong Bistro – Takeout

Hood Famous Cafe + Bar – Temporarily Closed

Jade Garden Restaurant – Takeout & Delivery (depending on where you live)

Kau Kau Restaurant – Takeout

King Noodle – Temporarily Closed

Maneki – Takeout (order in advance online)

Mike’s Noodle House – Temporarily Closed

Momosan Seattle – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery within 2 mile radius

Musashi – Temporarily Closed

Phnom Penh – Takeout

Tai Tung – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Tsukushinbo – Takeout

Young Tea – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Columbia City

Island Soul Rum Bar & Soul Shack – Takeout

Rookies Sports Bar and Grill – Takeout

Super Six – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery (via 3rd Party)


Marination – Takeout

Mr. West Cafe Bar – Takeout

Mustardseed Cafe – Takeout & Delivery

Pasta Casalinga – Temporarily Closed

Piroshki on 3rd – Takeout on 3/18 (50% off all in-store purchases)

Umma’s Lunch Box – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Vinason Pho & Grill – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)


Armistice Coffee Roaster – Takeout

Voxx Coffee – Takeout


T&T Seafood Restaurant – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Thai by Day – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery

First Hill

Little Neon Taco – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery


Cafe Turko – Takeout (4 PM-8 PM)

Pel Meni Dumpling Tzar – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Revel – Takeout (3/18 – Text your order – menu via Instagram – to 425-381-7664)

Vif – Takeout


Deep Sea Sugar and Salt Bakery – Takeout

Slim’s Last Chance – Takeout


Frelard Tamales – Takeout & Delivery (Monday and Wednesday evening)

Tangletown Public House – Takeout (curbside)

Thai Ocean – Takeout


Coyle’s Bakeshop – Takeout

Makeda & Mingus – Takeout

Mendoza’s Mexican Mercado – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

North Star Diner – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Haller Lake

Pop Pop Thai Street Food – Takeout


HeyDay – Takeout (Curbside)


Big Boys Kainan – Takeout & Delivery


Cafe Juanita – Takeout (Order in advance, Pick-up Tuesday-Saturday 1:00-4:00 PM)

Lake City

Kaffeeklatsch – Takeout

Hellbent Brewing Company – Takeout

The Shambles – Takeout

Lake Stevens

Rustic Cork Wine – Takeout

Madison Park

Arosa Cafe – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Madison Valley

Cafe Flora – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Simply Soulful – TBD


Petit Pierre Bakery – Takeout

Serendipity Cafe – Takeout

Mercer Island

Island Treats – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery (Mercer Island)

Mill Creek

China City Restaurant – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Normandy Park

Empire Coffee – Takeout

Rose Pho – Takeout (Curbside)

Phinney Ridge

74th St Ale House – Takeout

A la Mode Pies – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Celine Patisserie – Takeout

Fresh Flours – Takeout

Thaiku – Takeout & Delivery

El Chupacabra – Takeout

Yanni’s Greek Restaurant – Takeout (Curbside)

Pioneer Square

Manu’s Bodega – Temporarily Closed

Manu’s Tacos – Takeout

Pioneer Square D&E – Temporarily Closed

Queen Anne

Betty – Takeout (Curbside)

Bite Box – Takeout

Bounty Kitchen – Takeout & Delivery

Byen Bakeri – Takeout (Curbside)

Canlis – Takeout & Delivery

Eden Hill Provisions – Takeout. Soon offering “Provision Boxes” of dinner boxes and pantry kits.

El Diablo Coffee Co. – Temporarily Closed

El Mezcalito – Takeout (Curbside)

Five Hooks – Takeout

Fuji Bakery – Takeout & Curbside coming soon

HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe – Takeout (Curbside)

Koku Cafe + Market – Takeout & Delivery (3rd Party)

Konvene Coffee – Takeout

Other Coast Cafe – Takeout & Delivery

Pho Viet Anh – Takeout

Queen Anne Beerhall – Temporarily Closed

S & L Cafe – Takeout

Ten Sushi – Takeout

Trophy Cupcakes – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Rainier Beach

King Donuts – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)


Junebaby – Takeout (after Spring Break closure – 3/16-3/24)

Lucinda Grain Bar – Temporarily Closed

Salare – Temporarily Closed

Varsity – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery (via 3rd party)


Boon Boona Coffee – Takeout

Five Sisters Thai Cuisine – Takeout

Naan -N- Curry – Takeout


Armistice Coffee Roaster – Takeout

Broadcast Coffee – Takeout

Wayward Vegan Cafe – Takeout & Delivery

Seatac Airport

Dish D’lish – Takeout

Lucky Louie Fish Shack – Takeout

South Lake Union

Lassi & Spice – Temporarily Closed

South Park

Uncle Eddie’s – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery

University District

Arepa Venezuelan Kitchen – Takeout & Delivery

Broadfork Cafe – Takeout (11 AM-8 PM) & Delivery

Sweet Alchemy – Takeout & Delivery (Pints & Cakes)


Fuel Coffee – Takeout

Joule – Temporarily Closed

Molly Moon’s – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Tilth – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Trophy Cupcakes – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Union Saloon – Takeout

Yoroshiku Seattle – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

West Seattle

Admiral Pub – Temporarily Closed

Ampersand Cafe on Alki – Takeout

Azuma Sushi – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Bakery Nouveau – Takeout

Buddha Ruksa Thai – Takeout

Fresh Flours – Takeout

Freshy’s Coffee – Takeout

Greenbridge Cafe – Takeout & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

Husky Deli – Takeout & Delivery (orders > $50)

Lady Jaye – Takeout

Little Prague European Bakery – Takeout (Wednesday-Sunday)

Ma’Ono – Takeout & Delivery (3rd Party)

Mashiko – Takeout (5-9 PM)

Marination Ma Kai – Takeout

Mission Cantina – Takeout

Whidbey Island

China City Restaurant – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery (via 3rd Party)

White Center

Anju Bar and Eatery – Takeout (Curbside)

Dubsea Coffee – Takeout

Macadons – Delivery (Order online by 10 PM for next day delivery)

Moonshot Coffee – Takeout

Salvadorean Bakery and Restaurant – Takeout & Delivery

Mac’s Triangle Pub – Takeout


20 Corners Brewing – Takeout & Delivery

Bobae – Takeout

Heritage Restaurant – Takeout (Curbside)

Métier Brewing Company – Takeout

**Bonus: Craving pot pie deliciousness? Pot Pie Factory delivers!




Casa Vacca – Takeout

Los Angeles

Guerrilla Tacos – Takeout – including an “emergency taco kit” that includes meat, tortillas, salsa, beans, rice and four rolls of toilet paper

Momed – Takeout & Delivery – 10% discount on takeout orders placed directly with them

Little Doms – Takeout (Curbside) & Delivery

Broken Spanish – Takeout

Myung In Dumplings – Takeout (full menu + bags of frozen dumplings)

Dune – Takeout & Delivery

Pikunico  – Takeout & Delivery

Barcito – Takeout & Delivery

While we urge folks to order takeout if possible, we understand that delivery may be the best option for some people. Please consider signing and sharing our Open Letter to Caviar, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates & Uber Eats, calling on them to reduce the commission fees they charge independent restaurants.

We know that many other businesses are fighting to survive, and we will follow up with additional blogs as we learn more about how to support them. Gyms, barbers, salons, boutiques, bookstores, florists, and other shops – we see you ❤️

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